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With more Profile options than ever before and more features than you could shake a breadstick at, The Page UK offers the most advanced actors profile anywhere. Just check out our ace SWIPE CV's!

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Casting a production?

Take the pain out of casting

A full software solution for your casting needs. Create breakdowns; shortlist actors; search for talent; send out audition invites; message system built in & then write up your casting notes and either view online or send as a pdf ready to print. It really couldn't be simpler.

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Time is money, why waste it?

A system designed for you that is not only practical but looks lovely. We understand the needs of agents so have built our system to aid your daily work flow. We are also the only site to allow you to showcase your artists on nearly every device using our innovative SWIPE CV feature!

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What We Do


As a professional actor trying to make a living it is important that you have access to the right tools when required. With media as standard upload video, audio or images to your page profile. We allow you to showcase your talents like never before, use individual media clips and link them to each production & skill. All this & more make The Page UK the most innovative casting resource in the UK.

  • SWIPE CV! A Responsive swipe gesture Profile
  • Add media & reviews to every credit
  • Embed videos from Youtube & Vimeo
  • Use media to enahnce your skills
  • Drag and drop ordering of credits
  • Highlight four credits to support your submission
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We understand that your time as a Casting Professional is vital so we have built our system to help you quickly and effectively manage the casting process.We have a robust entry criteria to join The Page UK to ensure that the actors who apply for your productions are of a professional standard thus saving you time from viewing unsuitable talent. We believe that once you have used The Page UK you will wonder how you cast without it.

  • Create breakdowns and include sides
  • Talent search and shortlisting
  • Send out audition invites to talent & include sides
  • An innovative notes system for after the audition.
  • An on-site messaging system to aid communication.
  • View actors profiles anywhere using our SWIPE CV!
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Managing your actors is a time consuming job, you do not want to be spending time working with old software that slows you down. The Page UK offers you the tools to speed up your day. Submit your actors for roles in batches or individually; Group your actors into easier to manage lists to speed up your workflow and show off your talent in our media responsive gallery with your own branding.

  • SWIPE CV! A fully responsive Client Gallery
  • Email & Share your Client Gallery
  • Link to your actors on our database
  • Submit your actors for breakdowns
  • Group your actors in to easy to manage lists
  • An on-site messaging system to aid communication
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