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The Page UK is a new Casting Directory offering more control over your casting projects.

It is our aim to bring casting into the 21st century by offering you the tools to enhance your workflow and make your job simpler.

  • Create Breakdowns & inc. attachments
  • Create unique shortlist and easily manage
  • Send out Casting invites direct to talent
  • Write up notes and send a link or a PDF

Casting your way

We have built The Page UK to help actors promote themselves like never before. Our profiles are the most advanced actors profile on the web and have been designed to make your job easier to find the information you need.

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    Enhanced Media All our actors profiles offer multimedia content to help find the right talent.

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    Production Profile Each Production has its own profile, with media, reviews & information.

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    Mini CV No need to view a full CV, See an actors mini CV first for a quick glimpse.

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    View Skills Need a particular skill? Our actors can add media to each individual skill to show their competence.

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    Invites Send out audition invites complete with information and sides.

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    Audition Notes You have full control over how you send forward your notes, web page, PDF or HTML.

More Features


All Castings on The Page UK are genuine and are not sourced from other websites

We understand that your time as a Casting Professional is vital so we have built our system to help you quickly and effectively manage your castings.

We have a strong entry criteria to join The Page UK to ensure that the actors who apply for your productions are of a professional standard thus saving you time from viewing unsuitable talent.

Key Features

  • Search our database for suitable talent and view their mini CV first.
  • A wonderful audition notes system that allows you to quickly wrap up your casting day.
  • Send out sides for actors to read at the audition.
  • Receive email notifications when submissions are received.

The Page UK makes for an excellent marketing tool for actors. The ability to embed a showreel from Vimeo has been the highlight so far.

Krage Brown, Actor

Loving the multimedia integration of The Page UK. The ability to include media clips and review snippets on individual projects is fantastic

Jane Leadbetter, Actor

The Page Uk could be a strong alternative to the established order, love the ease of use of the site.

Richard Flood, Actor

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Offering the easiest casting resource anywhere, manage your casting process from beginning to end on a system designed for you.